I teach small workshops at McGuffey Art Center and offer private consulting services for digital photography and processing. You can also hire me to teach workshops in your classroom or community center with support through the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts statewide programs and in Albemarle County public schools through the office community engagement. Contact me directly with questions about any program. 

Adjunct Faculty with Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Artist-in-Residence with the Albemarle County School System

McGuffey Art Center Classes (I am currently offering only private courses to individuals and small groups. Contact me if you would like to arrange a lesson)


Private instruction gives us the time and space to answer your  specific concepts about photography and digital processing.  Email me to arrange your private photography class.

COST: $85/hr,  $75/hr for mulitple classes


DATES and TIMES: 3 Saturdays, TBA 3:30-5:00 PM

DESCRIPTION: This class is about learning to see light and patterns. We will look at the basic elements of design that create good composition while viewing the work of influential photographers. You will be asked to do weekly assignments and bring either digital files or prints to class for critique. Use whatever camera makes you comfortable, this includes phones. The emphasis of this class is the visual please of seeing not the technical settings.

COST: $150


DATES and TIMES: 2 Sundays, TBA, 3:00-5:00 PM

DESCRIPTION: Photoshop is a powerful tool, allowing us to edit and create pixels. In this class you will create a piece of art involving a house in a new landscape. You will learn how to make a file, manipulate and move pixel content in photographs, build layers, create adjustments, and paint with pixels. A personal laptop with Adobe Photoshop is required. Photoshop and Lightroom are available for $9.99/month through the Adobe photography plan website.

COST: $100


DATES and TIMES: 4 Tuesdays, TBD, 4:30-6:00 PM

DESCRIPTION: Take on the creative tools of your camera. Through weekly assignments, you’ll learn how camera setting work together to create the proper exposure while achieving desired results like shallow depth-of-field and motion blur. A camera with Aperture and Shutter Priority modes is required. You will need to bring digital files or prints in to discuss results.

COST: $200


DATES and TIMES: 3 Saturdays, TBA, 3:30PM-5PM

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Why do you make photographs? We’ll begin with the conversation of why people make photographs. Through critique, we will establish the strengths in concept and technique of projects. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll get a feel for camera settings and how to approach a subject. An outline of how to further develop your photography practice will be formulated. Sharing platforms both print and online will be shown. A camera and prints or digital files are required.

COST: $150

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